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"I have always loved the Hesperia area. I just needed a fast Reverse Mortgage. I feel lucky to have found Shannon and His Team at LifeSource Mortgage. I've always felt like family!"

- Travis W.

Shannon & his team will help you with your Reverse Mortgage in Hesperia. You can live your dreams too!

I understand what it's like. I'm a homeowner and landlord. I personally understand how frustrating it can be to sit at a big bank waiting for approval while your dream is slipping away.  I also relate to your challenges and understand properties getting older, having to replace expensive essential equipment, and all the other expected & unexpected challenges of homeownership.

I am more than happy to help you achieve your dreams. I will do my best to get you your needed funds fast. 

photo of shannon gray owner of lifesource mortgage licensed for home loans, purchase mortgages, and reverse mortgages

Shannon Gray

Owner of LifeSource Mortgage

"Shannon has taken care of our family for 10 years with multiple loans in multiple locations. Great guy, great family, great service, cares about us as his customers, someone you want to support the more you know him. Highly recommend him to all my family and friends."

-Gabe W., Bakersfield via Yelp

Your Choice is Clear

Trust LifeSource Mortgage with your Reverse Mortgage so you can enjoy Hesperia for years to come

  • Fast turnaround and knowing we have your back
  • Enjoy security and live in the home of your dreams
  • Affordable mortgage or no mortgage payment at all
  • Competitive low interest rates & closing costs
  • Feel like your needs are valued and listened to
  • Continue to live in your own home
  • Minimize and remove unnecessary paperwork
  • Secure a wealth building tool to achieve your dreams
  • Work with experienced, knowledgeable professionals

What could happen if you trust a big bank with your Reverse Mortgage and risk your Hesperia dreams.

  • Higher interest rates and closing costs
  • Excessive fees
  • Loan denial / delayed or lost closing
  • Lost dream
  • Feel like just a number

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